Welcome 2023 Spring Interns

Engineering Internships

RWB is proud to welcome two new interns this Spring as part of our firm internship program.

During their time here at RWB, they will gain hands-on experience with MEP Engineering Design. They will help with the design process and documentation of current projects by working in AutoCAD and Revit and visiting project jobsites.

Amanda Swart

Amanda Swart

School: University of North Texas
Year in School: Senior
Major: Mechanical and Energy Engineering

What inspired you to go after your major?
Initially, I graduated with a major in Wildlife Conservation and Science. After briefly working in the field, I wanted more of a challenge (and a career change!) and went back to school for Mechanical Engineering. I found that I really enjoyed tackling problems and solving them. Working towards an engineering degree also made it easier to tackle my own personal projects.

Any outside hobbies you wish to share?
Gardening, aquarium keeping, koi pond keeping, reading, and woodworking

Joe GarciaJoe Garcia

School: University of Texas at Arlington
Year in School: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering

What inspired you to go after your major?

From a young age, my passion for electricity has been a driving force in my life. The way it flows, sparks, and powers the world around me has always fascinated me, and I knew that pursuing a career in this field was my calling. My family have been a major factor in my pursue of college. Their unwavering love and support have given me the courage and determination to pursue higher education and achieve my goals.

Any outside hobbies you wish to share?

Fishing, playing sports, cooking, hiking and camping