Celebrating our Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Interns

Engineering Internships

As we wrap up another semester of our internship program, we want to highlight the significant contributions of our three interns. Their technical skills and innovative approaches have made a noticeable impact on our projects. We thank them for their hard work and look forward to seeing their future successes in engineering.

During their time here at RWB, interns gain hands-on experience with MEP Engineering Design. They will help with the design process and documentation of current projects by working in AutoCAD and Revit and visiting project jobsites.

Stephen Noby Headshot

Stephen Noby

School: The University of Texas at Dallas
Year in School: Graduate Studies, Final year
Major: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

What inspired you to go after your major?
My decision to pursue a higher education in Mechanical Engineering is due to my passion in envisioning and building mechanical systems that aids in adaptation of new technology.

Any outside hobbies you wish to share?
I like to play the guitar.

Tell us about your internship at RWB.
I’ve had an exceptional internship experience at RWB, where I’ve had the pleasure of being part of a tight-knit team. The company’s collaborative culture has allowed me to learn from everyone’s expertise and experiences, which has greatly enriched my understanding of the HVAC industry. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to intern at RWB and appreciate the knowledge and skills I’ve gained during my time here.

Youssef El Saad Headshot

Youssef El Saad

School: University of Texas at Arlington
Year in School: Senior Year
Major: Electrical Engineering

What inspired you to go after your major?
I was inspired to pursue electrical engineering from my dad and my brothers who are engineers too.

Tell us about your internship at RWB.
Here at RWB, the best experience I had was the teamwork experience; everyone helped each other, and if I had any questions, they’d be happy to answer them and teach me how to become a successful engineer.


Issac Barnes Headshot

Issac Barnes

School: University of North Texas
Year in School: Senior Year
Major: Mechanical Energy Engineering

What inspired you to go after your major?
I have always had a curiosity about how things have worked. From a young age I would take apart RC cars and build different things like hoverboards and ziplines. But it was a Technical program in Mechatronics at SOTC that inspired me to pursue engineering as a career.

Any outside hobbies you wish to share?
I’m passionate about fitness and any kind of adventurous activities such as surfing, skydiving, hiking, scuba diving, etc.

Tell us about your internship at RWB.
As good as RWB is at engineering, the culture that leadership has cultivated might be the most impressive thing about this company. Everything from the events that have been put together, to the intentionality to make conversation with me and the other interns. This doesn’t happen by accident, and I am grateful to have experienced it. Thank you for letting me be a part!